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Allentown Shotcrete Technology

 Convering the world with Shotcrete Solutions for over 95 Years

From the beginning of shotcrete over 100 years ago, the Allentown name has been synonymous with the process of spraying mortar onto a surface at a high velocity. In its first iteration as The Cement Gun Company, the organization capitalized on the fact that only certain mix designs placed by a genuine "Cement Gun" could be classified as its registered trademark "Gunite".

Today, Allentown Shotcrete Technology, Inc. is the industry leader in the design and manufacuture of wet- and dry- process shotcrete equipment including:

  • Gunning Machines                     Chemical Additive Pumps
  • Pre-Dampeners                          Nozzle Carriers
  • Pumps                                      Mortar Machines
  • Combination Mixer Pumps         Concreting Machines
  • Mixers                                      Parts and Accessories

Committed to serving customers with the industry's best service, as well as dependable, high performance equipment, Allentown is now a Puztmeister America company. Known and respected

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