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Baumann Equipment
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Baumann Equipment
!Leader in Mortar Machine Technology In China!
BAUMANN is new.
BAUMANN is fresh.
But what, you might ask is so new about someone who designs and produces mortar machines ? For sure BAUMANN is not the first one who does it.
It is the unique combination that makes BAUMANN stand out from all other suppliers of mortar machines.
German quality and technology in combination with cost advantages ‚made in China¨ creates a cost advantage for proffessionals who decide for a BAUMANN product.
And although being ‚the new kid on the block¨, the BAUMANN team is one of the most experienced in the business. No one knows the mortar application market in China and Asia better than we do.
And along with first class machines, parts and accessories, it is the  experience of our team in which our partners and customers can trust in. It results in excellent products, customer support and service.
It results in what BAUMANN stands for: Highest Quality at an affordable price.
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