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HTC Professional Floor System

Since the company began in 1987, HTC has developed into the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of complete grinding and maintenance systems for floors, and today the company group has almost 200 employees, with the vast majority employed within the technology and product development department, as well as manufacturing and sales.

HTC's grinding machines and diamond toos are used for stripping, grinding and polishing concrete floors, natural stone, terrazzo and woodenfloors. Since the launch of the first machines in, HTC has driven both technological and product development within the entire industry so it can offer the largest and best range of solutions. HTC has the market's broadest range of grinding machines, grinding tools and dust extractors, but despite this, the company is continuing to make significant investments in new innovations to be able to offer the market better, more effective and more environmentally-friendly systems.

HTC is the market leader in all the major industrialised markets, including the USA, and over 85% of production goes for export, via both our own companies in the USA, Germany, the UK and France, and a well-developed network of exclusive retailers, known as HTC Global Partners. These partners represent HTC aroun Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Sales to othe countries are organised from Sweden or by the nearest partner. The number of global partners is being constantly expanded and each year a number of very qualified distributors on new international markets are being added to this network.

HTC Sweden AB- focused on efficiency and the environment!

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